Ketamine Assisted Therapy Foundational Workshop

Join us for an Experiential Foundational Training Workshop, over two weekends, that will guide you through the core principles of Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT).

November 4-5 + 18-19

A Foundational Training Workshop for Healers

This foundational training workshop is open to all healers who have an interest in this work. This includes, but is not limited to, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, therapists, social workers, psychologists, clergy, chaplains, and Chinese medicine doctors.

What Is Included?

-A foundational understanding of the theory underlying Ketamine Assisted therapy

-Basics about Ketamine including: pharmacology, risks and benefits, clinical research, effects on physiology and neurobiology

-Contextualization of KAT in the larger history and culture of psychedelic medicines

-Concepts of Ritual and Ceremony in a secular context

-Awareness and appreciation of questions of equity and access

- Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Lunch Provided

Learn and Participate

The Horizon Healing KAT Foundational Training Workshop will guide you through the methods of Ketamine Assisted Therapy, medical knowledge about Ketamine, the history and culture of Psychedelic Medicines, and concepts of ritual and ceremony.

Each participant will also have the opportunity to experience the medicine. To create a supportive environment and allow for deep participation and learning, you will form dyads. Each partner will support the other during a ketamine experience on alternating days.

This workshop is not meant to be a comprehensive training. Rather it is an experiential exploration of the fundamentals of ketamine assisted therapy.

We believe the best way to learn about this treatment is to experience it for yourself both as a sitter and a patient.
November 2023
Training will take place over 2 weekends, additionally there will be an online group session, individual video preparation and follow up integration sessions.

Important Dates:

Online group preparation (1 hour): October 13

Individual medical intakes (30min): Week of October 16

Individual therapy intakes (30min): Week of October 16

In Person Weekends

Weekend 1: November 4-5

November 4: 9-5
November 5: 10-5

Weekend 2: November 18-19

November 18: 9-5
November 19: 10-5

Online group integration (1 hour): November 27

Individual therapy or medical integration upon request.
(note: additional payment may be required) 

Your Investment


Registration Deadline: Oct 14
Note: Limited Space, please be sure to register early to reserve your space.


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Here are some common questions you might have.
How do I sign up?
First, get in touch, and we will reach out to see if this program is right for you. Next, we will send a sign up link where you will fill out some more information and pay for the training.
Does this certify me to a start doing KAT on my own?
Although this immersive training will lay a strong foundational of knowledge, it is meant as an introductory workshop not as a credentialing training. We offer ongoing observation and advanced training upon request.
Can I change my mind after purchase?
Due to the nature of preparing a training, we have a $500 deposit fee that is non refundable if you cancel within 3 weeks of Training. The rest of your payment will be refunded if you decide to not join the training.
Do I need to take Ketamine to participate?
Experiencing the medicine is part of the training, and we believe there is a lot to be gained from this portion of the training. It is also okay for you to take the training without this portion.
To cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment to lay the foundation for deep therapeutic connections based in trust and respect.